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Principal's Message

 Welcome to No Excuses University @ Durfee Elementary School, where every student is college-bound! Our comprehensive approach to ensuring college readiness is a passion that the entire Durfee staff shares. We believe that your children have tremendous potential and an innate ability to learn. Because of this, we will do whatever it takes to promote the brightest future for every student who attends our school.


Durfee and the words “college-bound” are synonymous with each other, and we are committed to creating a school that knows no limits to the success of every student. We work together to blend our mission, vision, and shared commitment into one goal of promoting college readiness. As a school community, some commitments must be made on the part of students, staff, and parents to make this endeavor successful. It is our commitment and responsibility, to be active members of our school community as we go forward together to open doors to learning that have never been opened before.


Below you will find the activities that take place at Durfee to promote a “college-bound student.”

  • Teachers intensify a culture of universal achievement, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity by aligning the standards and assessments, interpreting data, establishing interventions, and strongly implementing college-going activities to promote student achievement.
  • Students write goals and action plans for achieving their goals.
  • Promote college readiness through the Word of the Week (WOW)
  • Each Classroom has adopted a college or university and will learn its cheer.
  • Students wear the adopted college or university t-shirt every Wednesday.
  • Every Wednesday, before we enter the classrooms, we chant, “We are Durfee students. We are college bound!”
  • During our morning Wednesday announcements, students recite the “Durfee College Pledge.”
  • College or university banners displayed throughout the entire school.
  • College bulletin boards that highlight the adopted college or university
  • Assemblies and guest speakers to promote college readiness.


This is a great endeavor for everyone associated with Durfee and we are thankful for your support of your child’s education.


Mr. Kendall Goyenaga