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School Profile

Durfee Elementary School is located at the north end of the city of Pico Rivera and is one of the eight elementary schools in the El Rancho Unified School District. Although the majority of the students are Hispanic, 97%, there are also students from different cultural backgrounds. They include; 1% Filipino, 1% Asian, and 1% White. Approximately 17% of Durfee parents have not completed high school, and such a large number of families fall into an economic base that allows 79% of students to qualify for free or reduced lunch. Approximately 31% of Durfee students are English Learners and 4% were reclassified Fluent-English-Proficient students for a total of 33% of English Learners for score reporting.

Durfee has 15 regular education teachers, 2 teachers working in the Resource Specialist Program, and 3 Special Day Class teachers for students with identified learning disabilities. Administration and support staff include one full time principal, one instructional coach, and one full time school psychologist. The school has a library staffed by a library/media specialist. Students receive 51,045 minutes of instruction each year. There are 37 modified days during the year when students are dismissed early to allow for staff development activities in the afternoon.

The extended day program is available to all students through after school tutoring and targeted intervention classes. Grant Program at Durfee is the Reach extended day program. Fifth graders participate in the antidrug/ gang resistance STAR program. All students participate in ERUSD's Character Counts, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, and Friendship Ambassadors Program, Good Behavior Games, Social Skills Counseling through the Safe Schools/Healthy Studies Grant.