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Student Handbook





A.     Fighting:  Mutual combat in which both parties have contributed to the situation through either verbal or physical action.

Fighting: Students involved in a fight will be suspended.

Hitting: Students are not allowed to hit or play games that involve hitting of other students. Students that do so will be disciplined. Suspension may result.

Threatening: Students are not allowed to threaten other students, whether directly or indirectly. Students that do so will be disciplined. Suspension may result.


B.     Assault or Battery:  Assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability to commit a violent injury to the person of another.  Battery is an unlawful attack on another person.

1.     Students will be suspended from three to five days.

2.     Expulsion may be recommended.

3.     If a severe threat or injury occurs, the sheriff will be notified.


C.    Hazing:  This is participating in or conspiring to engage in harassing acts that injure, degrade, or disgrace other individuals. 

1.     This includes initiation into clubs or groups.

2.     Depending on the severity of the act committed punishment may result in a warning, detention, Saturday school, suspension, or expulsion.


D.    Pantsing: Pulling down or attempting to pull down a student’s pants or shorts.

Students will be suspended.

E.     Throwing of Objects:

1.     Throwing objects in general will result in campus beautification or detention.

2.     Throwing objects at another person will result in detention or Saturday school.

3.     Hitting another person will result in Saturday school or suspension.

4.     Throwing objects which can cause injury or damage will result in Saturday school or suspension.

5.     Students will be held liable for damages to school or private property.


F.     Physical Contact: Students are not permitted to hold hands, hug or kiss another student while on campus.

1.     First violation, students will be warned.

2.     Second violation, Saturday school.

3.     Subsequent violations will result in suspension.


G.    Sexual Harassment: Unsolicited and unwelcome sexual overtures or demands, or offensive conduct of a sexual nature which inflicts embarrassment and discomfort on another. Some of the more obvious indications of sexual harassment include: offensive and unwanted physical contact; offensive and unwelcome sex-oriented “kidding”, jokes or abuse; circulation or offensive material; and pressure for unwelcome social or sexual relationships.

1.     Complaints must be reported to an administrator.

2.     Law Enforcement may become involved.

3.     Depending on the severity of the act committed punishment may result in a warning, detention, Saturday school, suspension, or expulsion.


H.    Hate Crimes: Students may not participate in acts of “hate crimes”, intimidation or supremist activities of others. This includes verbal and written material.

1.     Students will be suspended.

2.     Expulsion may be recommended.

3.     Law Enforcement may be notified.



A.     Extortion or Robbery: The taking of money or valuables under the threat of bodily harm, including the obtaining of property from another with consent, induced by the wrongful us of force, or fear of intimidation.

1.     Students are not to ask other students for money.

2.     Students will be suspended and Law Enforcement may be notified.

3.     Extortion may also result in an intervention transfer to another middle school or expulsion from the El Rancho Unified School District.


B.     Theft: The unlawful taking of property.

1.     Student will be suspended.

2.     Students must return the item or pay the cost of replacement.

3.     Law Enforcement may be notified.


Possession of lost or stolen property. Any items found must be turned into the Lost and Found located in the office.

1.     Possession of such property is illegal.

2.     Students may be suspended for possession of lost or stolen property.


C.    Willful damage of school or personal property:

1.     Any student, who willfully cuts, defaces or otherwise damages in any way property, real or personal, belonging to the school district or property of persons at school is liable for damages.

2.     Student may be suspended.

3.     Law Enforcement may be notified.


D.    Tagging: Writing of group or individual slang names. Use of tagging monikers is not permitted under any circumstances.

1.     This includes tagging of school property and personal items such as backpacks, book covers, notebooks and minder binders.

2.     Students are not allowed to use the “tagging” style of writing at school.

3.     Students may be given detention, Saturday school or suspended.

4.     Students found in possession of vandalism tools (paint pens, white out, white out pens, marking sticks, slap tags, sharpies or other marking pens) may receive a citation for a court appearance from Law Enforcement and may be suspended.



A.     Gambling: Playing a game of chance for money or betting.

1.     Students will receive detention or Saturday school

2.     Students who continue in the same type of action will be suspended.


B.     Vulgarity, Profanity, Name Calling and Pornographic Material:

1.     When directed at a teacher/staff member, the student will be suspended.

2.     When used in the classroom, the student will receive detention, Saturday school or suspension.

3.     When used in the hall or on school grounds, a warning, detention, or Saturday School depending upon the circumstances.

4.     Habitual profanity, vulgarity, or name-calling will result in suspension.

5.     Pornographic material is not permitted at school. Violators may be suspended.


C.    Cheating: If a student allows another student to copy or cheat, they will receive the same punishment.


Cheating on Tests


1st offense- Teacher will call parents. No credit is given for the test, and an “N” grade will be assigned for citizenship.

2nd offense- Teacher will send students on referral. Students will be suspended, and a “U” assigned for citizenship.

 Cheating on Homework

1st offense Papers will be collected and held by the teacher. No credit will be given to either student. The teacher will remind the students that copying other people’s work is cheating. If the offense occurs outside the classroom, (before school, lunch, HW club, etc.) the papers will be given to the teacher of the subject. The teacher will call the parents and inform the office of the incident. An “N” will be assigned for citizenship.

2nd offense Teacher will call home and assign detention.  Student will be assigned a “U” for citizenship.

3rd offense Students will be sent to the office with a referral. Students may be suspended and a “U” assigned for citizenship.


            Forgery Policy

1st offense- The teacher will call the parents and inform the office of the incident. An “N” will be assigned for citizenship. Student will be assigned Saturday School.

2nd offense- Teacher will call home.  Student will be assigned a “U” for citizenship.  Student will be assigned Saturday School.

3rd offense- Students will be sent to the office with a referral. Students may be suspended and a “U” assigned for citizenship.


D.    Dress Code:  Students are required to wear their school issued ID card while on campus.

·  All shirts are to have a collar. Jackets and hooded sweatshirts do not count as collars. School activity shirts i.e. Spelling Bee, Mathcounts, etc. are exempt. Button down shirts must be buttoned within four inches of the collar.

·  Bare midriffs may not be exposed. Underwear may not show.

·  Spaghetti straps, halter tops and low cut tops may not be worn.

·  Pants must fit and be worn at the waist. Otherwise they are considered excessively baggy or sagging to low. No holes or tears in pants. Skin or underwear may not show.

·  Sweats, Athletic pants, Athletic Shorts, or Pajama bottoms may not be worn.

·  Pants must be hemmed and may not be tied up at the ankles with rubber bands or string.

·  Only one pair of pants may be worn at a time. This includes P.E. uniform.

·  Shorts, skirts and dresses must extend at least to the mid-thigh when standing normally with the hands hanging at the sides and the waist is no more than 1” below the belly button.

·  Belts must be of the correct size, and the ends may not dangle or hang down. Initial belt buckles may not be worn.

·  Shoes must have a firm sole. No flip flops, sandals, “chanclas”, slippers, etc.

·  Steel toed or reinforced footwear may not be worn.

·  Rivera hats may be worn outside the building with the bill forward. All other hats, beanies, hoods, bandanas, etc. are not allowed and will be confiscated.

·  Wallet chains, or chains of any type may not be worn.

·  Items with studs or spikes are not allowed.

·  Ear piercings are permitted. Hoops, plugs, dangling earrings or other body piercings are not allowed and will be confiscated.

·  Hair may not cover the eyes. Hair must be tied up or cut so that both eyes are visible at all times.

·  No blankets allowed on campus.


Clothing and accessories may not be worn if they:

·  are disruptive to the educational program.

·  are offensive.

·  contain obscene or sexual drawings or messages.

·  advertise or represent alcohol, drugs, tobacco or illegal substances.

·  suggest gang affiliation. (socks pulled up to meet shorts, sports jerseys, Raiders logos, etc.)

·  identify a group of students for the purpose of harassing, threatening, or intimidating others.


First violation Student will be required to change clothing and the article in question will be returned only to parent.

Second violation Student will be required to change clothing and be assigned Saturday school, and the article in question will be returned only to parent.

Third and subsequent violations Student will be suspended from school


E.     Internet Use: Students are expected to follow the guidelines of the El Rancho Unified School District Acceptable Use Policy. Students who violate acceptable use will lose their computer privileges. In addition, students who post photographs, threats, defamatory information displayed on the internet or other electronic media will be disciplined in accordance with California Educational Code. Consequences vary depending upon the circumstances including, detention, Saturday school, suspension and expulsion. Law enforcement may be notified.




Administrators may use dogs trained to detect contraband to conduct random searches for contraband in student lockers, other common areas and vehicles parked on school grounds. A qualified trainer and a school administrator will accompany the dogs.  If a dog indicates that contraband is present on school property, administrators can conduct a further search. Violators may be subject to the districts first-offense alternative contract.


A.     Narcotics/Controlled Substances: This includes the possession, use or distribution of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or other dangerous drugs/controlled substances.

1.     Violators will be suspended.

2.     LA County Sheriff will be notified.

3.     Expulsion may be recommended.


B.     Paraphernalia: The possession of any device used to inject or smoke a controlled substance is illegal. May include lighters/matches.

1.     Violators will be suspended.

2.     LA County Sheriff will be notified.

3.     Expulsion may be recommended.


C.    Tobacco/Tobacco Look-Alike products:

Students will be suspended for possession of tobacco, look-alike products or smoking.


D.    Spitting: Spitting on the school grounds is not allowed.

Repeat offenders may be assigned campus beautification, detention, Saturday school or suspension.


E.     Breath Fresheners/Aerosol Deodorants: Liquid or spray breath fresheners contain alcohol and are not allowed at school. Students may not have aerosol deodorants or body sprays such as AXE, Tag, etc.

Student may receive detention, Saturday school, and be suspended.


F.     Dangerous Objects: Knives, firearms, explosives, pepper spray/mace, other dangerous objects or weapons, including replica or look-alike weapons.

1.     Students will be suspended.

2.     Students shall be recommended for expulsion.

3.     Law enforcement will be contacted.




A.     Willful Disobedience and Defiance: Students are expected to follow the directions of teachers, administrators and staff including cafeteria personnel, lunch supervisors, SSO, or other personnel.


B.     Students who do not follow directions may receive campus beautification, detention, Saturday school or suspension. Direct defiance will result in suspension.


Office Referrals for Disobedience or Disruptive Behavior in the classroom: Although the administration will enforce the following step-by-step procedures, there may be certain circumstances when the consequences or corrective measures will be modified.

1.     First referral Counseling, campus duty or detention may be assigned.

2.     Second referral Campus duty and/or detention will be assigned.

3.     Subsequent referrals by the same teacher or for the same offense may result in detention, Saturday school, class suspension or school suspension.


C.    Tardy Policy: Students are expected to be seated and ready to work before the tardy bell rings. Accumulation of tardies begins at the start of each trimester.

1.     Warning by teacher.

2.     Parent notification by teacher and assign detention

3.     Parent notification and 30 min detention with the teacher.

4.     Referral, Lunch Detention/Saturday School, Parent Notification, Parent Conference with teacher, “N” Citizenship grade on Report Card.

5.     Referral, Lunch Detention/Saturday School, Parent Notification, Parent Conference with teacher, “U” Citizenship grade on Report Card.


D.    Absences: Students are expected to attend school daily. When students are absent with the prior consent of their parent/guardian, the parent/guardian is expected to contact the attendance office the day of the absence. Parents may report a child’s absence during school hours (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) by calling (562) 801-5088. If parents are unable to call, students must bring a signed note to the attendance office prior to their return to school. Absences and Tardies must be cleared within 3 days. After 3 days, absences and tardies to school will not be excused. Any absence which is not excused within three (3) days becomes a truant. (Perfect Attendance means no day or period missed for any reason.)

·  If a student is removed from a class he/she will be marked absent for that period.

·  Students will not be called out of class until a parent/guardian arrives.

·  Parents/guardians must be present to pick up a student from school prior to the final bell. Parent/guardians must show proper valid identification prior to the office summoning the student.

·  Students will not be released prior to the last ten minutes of class.


E.     Truancy: An absence without prior permission of a parent/guardian or school personnel.

1.     Students are considered truant if they are absent without permission, late more than 10 minutes, or if they leave a class without permission including the P.E. area.  In addition, students in public places during school hours may be cited by law enforcement. Students cited for truancy may be subject to one or more penalties including;

2.     A fine of up to $250

3.     Court-approved community service

4.     Parenting classes (for parents)

5.     Students who are truant will be assigned Saturday school.

6.     Students may be referred to the District Office of Child Welfare and Attendance. Students and parents may then be summoned to attend a meeting with the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).


F.     Out of bounds or Off-Grounds: Students are to remain on campus during the school day in areas designated for students.


1.     Restricted areas during lunch include the hallways, between the gyms and the field area. Behind the bungalows is also a restricted area at all times.

·  First violation the student will receive campus beautification or detention.

·  On subsequent violations the student may be assigned detention or Saturday School.

·  Repeated violations will result in suspension.


2.     Leaving campus without permission.

·  Student will receive Saturday school

·  Parent will be notified.

·  Law enforcement will be notified.


3.     Visiting Another Campus: Unauthorized presence during school hours on another school’s campus is considered trespass and is not allowed.

·  Student will receive detentions, Saturday school or suspension depending upon the circumstances.

·  Law Enforcement may be notified.



G.    Failure to report to Office, Administrative Detention or Saturday school.

1.     Students who are sent to the office on referral are to sign in at the attendance desk and wait to be seen by an administrator. Students are not allowed to leave without the permission of the office staff. Students who fail to report, fail to sign in, or leave the office without permission may be suspended.


2.     If a student misses detention without permission, one additional detention will be added. If the student misses again, he/she will receive Saturday School. Repeated violations will result in suspension.


3.     Saturday school is offered from 8:00 – 12:00 Saturday morning. This is supervised work time for offenses as an alternative to suspension. Students must arrive by 8:00 and sign in. If the student does not attend as assigned or misbehaves during Saturday school, the student will be suspended from school the following school day.


H.    Skateboards, Roller Skates, Roller Blades, Scooters, and Motorized Scooters: Due to safety considerations, these items are not allowed on campus at any time. If found on campus, these items will be kept in the school office until they can be picked up by a parent. Repeat violators will be suspended from school.


I.      Bicycles:

1.     Only non-motorized bicycles may be brought to school. All bicycles must be chained and locked to the bike racks located between Rooms 35 and 36.

2.     Students are to wear helmets in accordance with the law.

3.     Only students who bring bicycles to school are allowed in the bike area. Students are not allowed to meet in the bike area.

4.     Bikes must be walked when on campus. Violators will lose their bicycle privileges.

5.     The school district is not responsible for bicycles on campus.


J.     Electronic devices:

Radios, CD players, iPod/mp3 players, video games, laser pointers, photographic devices, video cameras or similar equipment are NOT ALLOWED ON CAMPUS. These items will be confiscated, and kept in the office. Parents may pick up and sign out confiscated equipment Fridays between 3-4pm (photo ID required). Lunch Detention/Saturday School may be assigned. Students who continue to violate this rule or disrupt the educational process will be suspended. The school district does not assume responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen items.


K.     Cell Phones: Students are permitted to have an electronic signaling device (cell phone) in their possession while on campus during the school day, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while under the supervision and control of a school district employee. Cell phones may be used only in the event of a school related emergency as determined by the principal.

1.     Although cell phones are allowed on campus they must be turned off (vibrate or silent is not allowed). Students are prohibited from using them in any classroom or inside any building at all times. Phone use is limited to before (prior to the first bell) or after school (following the dismissal bell) only. Students may not use their phones during passing period or lunch. ALL CALLS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY MUST GO THROUGH THE OFFICE. The school district does not assume responsibility if such devices are damaged, lost or stolen.

2.     The use of cell phones or their ringing/vibrating during school hours or activities will be considered a disruption of school activities and subject to disciplinary action, including: confiscation, detention, Saturday School, suspension and/or expulsion.

3.     Parents may pick up and sign out confiscated equipment Fridays between 3-4pm (photo ID required).

4.     Nothing in this policy shall be construed to prohibit a student who requires an electronic signaling device for essential health purposes, from the possession and limited use of it for said purpose. A student who needs to possess and/or use a device for this essential health purpose shall present to the principal or designee, proof in the form of a doctor’s note, a determination by a licensed physician, and/or surgeon that the possession and limited use of the device is essential to the health of the student.


L.     Lockers: Lockers are to be used for P.E. only.

1.     Students must purchase the school P.E. Clothing and a lock and should label them accordingly (Neatly printed first and last name, No tagging style of writing). Students are responsible for laundering their P.E. clothes weekly.

2.     Do not give the combination of your locker to other students (even best friends).

3.     Students are not to share lockers or PE clothes.  Wearing someone else’s PE clothes may be considered theft.

4.     Although school authorities respect the rights of students, their lockers and property, it should be made clear that the lockers are the property of the school. Accordingly, school officials reserve the right to search lockers, desks or backpacks whenever there is reasonable cause or suspicion.

5.     The school district is not responsible for personal property left in lockers. Students should not leave valuable items in the locker at any time and must ensure that their locker is locked securely.


M.    Gum: Students are not allowed to bring or chew gum at school. This includes before and after school.

1.     On the first referral, students will be assigned campus beautification to scrape gum.

2.     On the second referral students will be assigned Saturday school

3.     Subsequent referrals, students will be suspended for defiance of school rules.


N.    Textbooks/Library Books: Students assume responsibility for all books issued/assigned to them.

Students must sign out and sign in each book when requested. Failure to return a book will result in a fine, valued at book cost, being placed on the student’s record.




A.     Starting Fires: Lighting a fire, setting off a fire alarm, bringing, possessing or using fireworks or explosives, including firecrackers is not allowed.

According to California Penal Code 12303.2…”It is a felony to be in possession of any explosive device at or near a school or any other public building.” Students who assist in the lighting of fires are subject to the same consequences.

1.   Student will be suspended

2.   The Fire Marshall and/or Law Enforcement will be contacted.

3.   The student and their parents are responsible to pay for any damages.


B.     Possession of lighters or matches:

1.   Student will receive Saturday School or suspension

2.   Repeat violators will be suspended.




Students must have a pass from their teacher prior to visiting any office during class time.


Administrative Office: School business, record keeping and communication is handled in the office. The office is open from 7:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.


2.     Students will not be released until the last 10 minutes of class. Students will not be called from class until the parent or guardian is present.

3.     Messages and other items will be delivered at the convenience of the office staff. Due to the disruption of class activities, flowers and balloons will not be delivered and may be picked up by the student after the final bell.

4.     Students will only be allowed to use the office telephone for emergencies only. Students need to plan ahead.  Students will not be allowed to use the phone for the purpose of calling for a ride until 30 minutes after dismissal. Repeated requests to use the phone for this purpose will be denied.